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Nuova Facoltà di Medicina Veterinaria – Campus Lodi

The project designs the extension of the Veterinary Medicine Campus of Lodi (Università Statale di Milano). The new buildings are integrated into an existing agricultural setting, completing the existing buildings realized over 20 years ago and partially refurbishing part.

The primary objective of the project is to integrate the architecture with the surrounding agricultural landscape, characterized by irrigation channels, in order to create a strong connection with the local environment.

The enhancement of the mill race, as a welcoming area and fulcrum of the relationship and social activities of the Campus, was decisive for the awarding of the project. This site will serve as access door to the existing buildings of the Campus. All the new public departments of the University will face it (hall, auditorium, library, and restaurant). A bridging building will link the student spaces with the research spaces, facilitating the connection and interaction between the various scientific areas of the Campus.


KENGO KUMA ASSOCIATED ARCHITECTS + ARCHILOCO + STUDIO PESSION / FACADE, ROOF, LANDSCAPE ENGINEERING: EPTA - Emilio Pizzi, Serenella Mauri, Francesca Crespi, Ivana Congiu, Matteo Pedrana, Giulia Zanardi


2015 - Ongoing




Università Statale di Milano


30.000 sqm