Driving Range in Bari EPTA Golf Club Bari Driving Range in Bari EPTA Driving Range in Bari EPTA

GOLF CLUB – Modern Driving Range on the coast of Bari

This pilot project for a golf practice center combines an innovative typology for this sport, on the model of American “Top Golf” structures, with high quality spaces. The building is set on a front as a built-in wall in the ground, as marking its course, on the other as a thin canopy to shield the sun and rain players. All the bodies containing the services (offices, gymnasium, shops, changing rooms) are attached to the wall above and are characterized by a fluid and wave-shaped design that allows the creation of patios that can be enjoyed by the visitors. The gently sloping ground is exploited for access to the garden roof, from which you can reach the restaurant. A ramp at the south end of the building introduces users to the level of the shooting locations.


EPTA - Emilio Pizzi, Pietro Pizzi, Alessandro Rossi


2014 - ongoing






2.500 sqm

Sport Facility